We are the first multi-purpose platform in Brazil for us LGBTQIAP + people.

Job vacancies, services, houses, republics, talents, places, businesses, events and movements of the whole community gathered in one place.

We were born to help promote equity of rights and respect for life, regardless of biological sex, sexual attraction, expression or gender identity.

Why "Anda Direito"?

It is the transformation of a term of supremacy of behaviors that we LGBTQIAP + constantly experience: “This is a fagot thing”, “Don’t cross your legs”, “Be more feminine”, “Talk like a man”, “Be more discreet”. Ande Direito. 

And this triangle?

The inverted triangle was one of the symbols used in Nazi concentration camps to differentiate those captured. Prisoners were required to wear colored triangles on their robes for quick identification.

The black triangle, for example, identified lesbians and “associative” women as strikers, feminists and others. The pink triangle identified homosexual men.


We are working (hard) to make Anda Direito a sustainable project in the long term. We want to unite: doing good with doing business. Therefore, the use of the platform is completely free, both for people and companies. In the meantime, we are looking at other ways to support ourselves financially.

Did you have any doubts? Let's talk.

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